Bait 2 Go Bait Bucket Orange


Product Code: B2GO
  • The Bait2Go Bait Bucket is Easy, Efficient Bait Handling. Fresh, Eco-Friendly. Fits All Bait Types. Versatile Mounting.

  • Easy and Efficient Bait Handling TheBait2Go Bait Bucket makes handling bait a breeze, suitable for everyone from kids to seniors.

    Fish More, Hassle Less Spend less time hooking bait and more time fishing with our convenient system.

    Safety First Easily bait your hook from a sitting position, ensuring your safety while out on the water.

    Efficiency for All Keep bait within arm's reach for everyone in the boat, enhancing your fishing experience.

    Always Fresh Bait Our bucket maintains bait freshness, keeping it clean and cool, so you're always ready to cast.

    Environmentally Conscious Say goodbye to styrofoam waste - our system is reusable and eco-friendly.

    Compatible with All Bait Types Whether you prefer Night Crawlers, Fresh Cut Bait, Shrimp, Leeches, Minnows, Crayfish, Spawn Bags, Squid Chunks, Catfish Dough Bait, or Carp Bait Corn, the Bait2Go Bait Bucket has you covered.

    Versatile Mounting Options Fasten it to practically any vessel using our Gunnel Mount, Belt Slit, Hook and Loop Pad, Suction Cup, Rail Mount, or Tether Mount.