Black Gold Ascent Verdict Assault | Right Hand 5 Pin Sight


Product Code: AVA5
  • The elite movable hunting sight! The Verdict Assault has all the features of the bestselling Ascent series but adds a micro horizontal and vertical click adjustment. Setting up your sight has never been so easy or precise. Precision 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability makes this sight a friendly western hunting option.

    • Multi-pin aiming points, combined with long-distance flexibility and micro-adjustability.
    • The .019 Micro Groove pins provide a clear aiming point with minimal target obstruction.
    • The high-performance PhotoChromatic shell adapts pin brightness to all light conditions for perfect pin clarity.
    • Micro-adjustable windage and elevation make precise and accurate sighting in a breeze.
    • Micro-adjustable 3rd axis. Non-micro adjustable 1st and 2nd axis for precise bow-to-sight alignment.
    • The Dial of Death feature lets you instantly dial to pre-determined yardages coupled with a single indicator needle.
    • 54 sight tapes included.
    • SIGHT TYPE:  Moveable
    • NUMBER OF PINS: 5 Horizontal
    • WINDAGE ADJUSTMENT:  Micro-Adjustable
    • PIN TYPE:  .019 Standard Pin
    • ELEVATION ADJUSTMENT:  Micro-Adjustable
    • HOUSING SIZE:  1.75 in
    • 1ST AXIS ADJUSTMENT:  Standard Adjustable
    • WEIGHT:  10oz
    • 2ND AXIS ADJUSTMENT:  Standard Adjustable
    • MOUNT:  X-Frame
    • 3RD AXIS ADJUSTMENT:  Micro-Adjustable