Camp Chef 20″ Lumberjack- Seasoned Steel Skillet


Product Code: SLJ20
  • This Lumberjack Camping Skillet is perfect for tackling a feast fit for even the biggest appetite. Paul Bunyan would enjoy a breakfast feast prepared on this item. Steel skillet features deep-dish sides and a thin patina for easy, non-stick cooking. A wide handle gives extra stability and support to move the skillet as needed. Black, seasoned finish.

    When using the Lumberjack Skillet, try holding it with your front palm resting under the handle and your other palm on the topside near the end of the handle.

    • Large capacity for group cooking
    • Out of the box ready to cook in seconds
    • True Seasoned Finish, heavy gauge steel
    • Helped handle to provide support while carrying or pouring
    • High sides for better food control