Catch and cook – The Knife


Product Code: 5880-0006
  • You need a good knife like you need a best friend.

    Someone who will clean the fish or start to skin the fresh harvest for you, not because they want to, but because they love you.

    The Knife isn’t your standard filleting or boning knife. We wanted to bring you a blade that was sturdy enough to crack through hardy fish bones and carve out your favourite steak with just the right amount of flex and rigidity to get all of the jobs done.

    The handle is made of a durable, long-lasting wood that has been vacuum treated with epoxy, giving it an authentic and traditional wood look and feel with the durability of a synthetic grip.

    Also, it folds. Gone are the days of misplacing your sheath and being left with a random sharp blade flopping around on the bottom of the boat or in your pack.

    The Knife is durable. The Knife is versatile. The Knife is for you.

    **HAND WASH The Knife** You wouldn't stick your best friend in a dishwasher

  • 420 stainless steel, 13” overall with a 6” blade.