Diamond Infinite 305 | Left Hand 70lbs Draw Weight


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Product Code: infinite 305
  • Versatility to take on any challenge. Maximum performance and ease of adjustability, not to mention killer looks. It’s all in the new Infinite 305 at a price tag you wouldn’t expect. Engineered for any hunting situation, in any environment, or backyard recreational use. The huge draw length range of 12 inches and 63 pounds of draw weight is quickly and easily adjusted without the need for a bow press. With the Infinite 305, the opportunities are endless.

    • Designed for every age, experience level, or intended use.
    • Rotating modules that require no bow press to make draw length adjustments that fit any archer from 19-31 inches.
    • Lightweight and premium riser for enhanced accuracy and a great feel on the shot.
    • No archer is left behind with its do-it-yourself, 7-70 pound draw weight adjustment.
    • Fully outfitted with Octane accessories. Just add arrows and a release.
    • Unbeatable performance and versatility at an unmatched price.
    • MASS WEIGHT:  3.3 LBS

      Lighter bows can be great for mobility while adding weight or dampeners can virtually eliminate vibration.

    • DRAW LENGTH:  19" - 31"

      Compound bows have an adjustable draw length range and should be set to fit your unique body size and shape.

    • DRAW WEIGHT:  7 - 70 LBS

      Max draw weights can typically be reduced by 10lbs. This provides comfortable draw cycles for everyone while maximizing energy.

    • SPEED:  305 FPS

      Today’s average bow speeds offer more forgiveness on the shot than ever. Faster bows can deliver more downrange energy.

    • AXLE TO AXLE:  32"

      Longer bows can increase stability while shorter bows can be better suited for maneuverability and tight spaces.

    • BRACE HEIGHT:  7.25"

      A longer brace height can offer more forgiveness on the shot while a shorter brace height can make a fast bow even faster.