Diehard 8 AA Alkaline Batteries


Product Code: 6469031
  • These DieHard 8 AA Batteries are an indispensable addition to any household, ensuring you always have the essential power supply for your everyday devices. Their dependable and eco-friendly design is further complemented by an impressive 10-year shelf life, assuring readiness for power outages or unexpected emergencies. DieHard, a well-established and trusted brand, has undergone rigorous testing in independent laboratories, consistently delivering exceptional performance across all cell types, from general use to the most demanding high-drain applications. As the most renowned battery brand in America, DieHard is synonymous with dependable power solutions. When it comes to batteries, opt for the brand that enjoys widespread recognition and trust.

    • High Performance Alkaline for high drain devices
    • 10 Year Storage Life
    • Industry Battery Tests utilize ANSI/IEC Testing Protocols
    • Trust and Reliability with DieHard