Dreamcatch Landing Net G3160


Product Code: G3160
  • The DREAMCATCH landing net G3160 is specially designed for boat fishing on rivers and lakes. Its telescopic sliding handle and textured non-slip grip guarantee optimum strength, providing a secure and comfortable hold. What’s more, our DREAMCATCH landing net G3160 floats, making it easy to retrieve in the event of a fall into the water. What’s more, its aluminum structure makes it exceptionally maneuverable, while its PVC-coated GLIDEMESH net ensures effective catching of fish while preventing any form of entanglement. This gives the fish a better chance of escaping unharmed when released. What’s more, its high-quality construction guarantees exceptional durability, making this landing net a reliable long-term fishing companion.

    • PVC coated GLIDEMESH net with flat bottom
    • DECKHAND support grip
    • Net size: 60 cm x 50 cm (23 ½ x 19 ½ in.)
    • Depth: 50 cm (19 ½ in.)
    • Floats
    • Sliding shaft
    • Non-slip textured handle
    • Telescopic handle that extends from 156 to 210 cm (61 ½ x 82 ½ in.)
    • Robust, corrosion-resistant aluminum handle and frame

      This grip provides an alternative grip on the net. It provides superior control when the net contains heavy weight, improves maneuverability, balance and eliminates stress at the hoop and shaft junction.

      The combination of fine mesh on the sides and wide mesh in the center of the net is what makes GLIDEMESH technology so effective. The braiding of the landing nets with fine meshes only, limits the entanglement of the lures and hurts the fish less, but it has the disadvantage of offering a greater resistance in the water. Thanks to the central part, with larger meshes, the GLIDEMESH nets glide quickly through the water, and the fine mesh braiding, on the sides, helps to preserve the health of your catches and prevent your lures from getting tangled.