Dreamweaver Deeper Diver


Product Code: DD SIL-1
  • The dreamweaver divers have heavy-duty hardware and locking mechanisms. The directional adjustment works with a locking system that will not unlock and change depth or direction. The Deeper Divers also match all current diver charts. Dreamweaver Divers dig into the fish zone and stay there, making them the most versatile tools on your boat for delivering lures to fish when trolling.

    • No-Ring design – Dreamweaver Divers eliminate the hassle of the add-on plastic rings, which pop-off and wear-out over time, found on competitive divers to make them dive deeper.
    • Dial-a-Direction - Dreamweaver Divers use the water's resistance to dive. The Dial-a-Direction weight on the underside of the Diver lets you adjust the dive direction - port or starboard; or set the weight right in the middle to dive directly behind the boat.
    • Releases upon strike - When a fish hits, the release arm trips, so you fight the fish and not the diver.