Easton 4mm Axis™ Long Range Match Grade Arrows


Product Code: axis4mmmatch
  • Easton's exclusive, Acu-Carbon process is a continuous-fed, single-die, single-mandrel manufacturing method. This creates uniform arrows with a more consistent spine and weight from dozen to dozen, lot to lot. Every Easton Axis arrow comes off the USA production line with the same tight specifications year in and year out without the sorting required in overseas production. Industry-leading carbon AXIS now available in a 4MM micro-diameter.  The AXIS 4MM Long Range is engineered with a specific 100% carbon-fiber layup for increased velocity. Includes Easton’s new Aluminum point outsert to boost both strength and front-of-center accuracy at long range and comes pre-installed with 4MM nocks.

    • Includes NEW aluminum point outserts (50 grains)
    • Micro-Diameter 100% ACU-Carbon fiber construction, hunting arrow- increased velocity
    • Reduced friction in flight and at impact to offer optimized FOC, enhance target penetration, and better accuracy at long range
    • 4 popular hunting spine sizes- 250, 300, 340, and 400
    • 8/32 4mm Aluminum half-out included for optimum hunting FOC
    • 4MM Microlite nocks pre-installed
    • Compatible with standard thread 8-32 broadheads and field points
    • Made in USA
    • Match Grade: +/- .001″
    • *6 pack boxes come in 32″ stock length only.