Excalibur Guardian™ Anti-Dry-Fire Scope Mount


Product Code: 7016
  • In the event the crossbow is fired without an arrow, the Guardian™ Anti-Dry-Fire System, a self-contained unit housed inside the mount, catches the string preventing the crossbow from dry firing, thereby preventing possible damage. It also features a built-in release allowing for easy de-cocking of the crossbow without having to fire an arrow. The Guardian system is standard on some Excalibur Matrix models, and is available as an upgrade part for all other Excalibur crossbow models.

    • Protect your Excalibur Crossbow from Dry-Fires
    • Allows you to de-cock your crossbow
    • Completely self contained in scope mount
    • Installs in minutes
    • Fully machined from 6061 Aluminum
    • Fits ALL Excalibur Crossbows