Excalibur Matrix String


Product Code: 1992
  • Excalibur's Matrix Crossbow String produces two distinct advantages. First, it increases speed, which is a key attribute of Matrix Series crossbows. The second advantage is reduced creep which allows you more time shooting, less time tuning. Strings are made purposely short and will stretch with use. If the brace height is higher than normal its perfectly OK to use and will not harm your crossbow. Too low a brace height is more harmful to your crossbow than a higher brace height. Length of the string can vary from 31″ – 31 1/8″.

    • For Matrix Series crossbows only
    • Constructed of BCY Dynaflight 97 material
    • Will fit all Matrix and Bulldog series crossbows such as: Matrix 405, Matrix 380, Matrix 355, Matrix 310, Grizzly, GRZ2, Bulldog 400, Bulldog 380, Bulldog 440, Bulldog 330