Excalibur TwinStrike TAC2


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Product Code: TwinStrike Tac2
  • Lightweight. Perfectly Balanced. Tactical Maneuverability. When the trophy of a lifetime is on the line, it's time to get tactical in your thinking. Introducing the TwinStrike TAC2, providing the ultimate in maneuverability with a double-tap of power at a moment’s notice. The TwinStrike Tac2 adapts to any condition from a treestand, ground blind, or anywhere space is a premium with an undetectable, double shot of power in milliseconds. Readiness is key when it’s man vs beast, get tactical, with the TwinStrike Tac2. The TwinStrike TAC2, with DualFire Technology.

    • The ultimate double shot of power optimized for situations where space is a premium, or need to move quickly to get the job done.
    • DualFire™ Technology features dual triggers, engineered to accurately fire two shots from a single crossbow with tight groupings to maximize a shooter’s effective range.
    • Dual match-grade 4lb. frictionless triggers. The front trigger fires the top rail, the back trigger fires the bottom rail.
    • CeaseFire™ technology ensures the crossbow will not fire unless an arrow is loaded.
    • Includes the Charger EXT™, an easy and silent mechanical crank with the ability to securely and safely cock and decock the TwinStrike without shooting an arrow.


    • SPEED:  340 FPS

      Today’s crossbows are faster than ever before. Faster crossbows can deliver more downrange energy.

    • OVERALL LENGTH:  32.125"

      Optimizing length can provide better balance while shorter crossbows can be better suited for maneuverability and tight spaces.

    • WEIGHT:  7.5 / 9.6 LBS

      The weight shown on the left is the overall weight without accessories installed, while the weight on the right is the weight with all included accessories installed.

    • DRAW EFFORT:  12 LBS

      Draw effort is the weight of resistance while cocking a crossbow. Most crossbows require minimal effort to draw with a cocking aid.

    • DRAW TYPE:  External Crank

      Modern crossbows are drawn back with a cocking aid. Excalibur crossbows use attachable cranks, integrated cranks, and rope cockers to achieve as little as 12 lbs of draw effort.


    • Charger Ext™ Crank Cocking Aid
    • Tact-100™ Illuminated Scope
    • 30mm Scope Rings
    • 4-Arrow Quiver
    • 4 Quill™ 16.5″ Arrows
    • 4 100gr Field Points
    • Dualfire™ Decocking Aid