Eyelet supports for Trail Blizzer


Product Code: K03-8003
  • Snowmobile ice scratchers support eyelets for Trail Blizzer. These Trail Blizzer ice scratchers support eyelets stands out from the competition for their durability, efficiency, and ease of installation. The fundamental objective of this product is to allow you to keep your Trail Blizzer as long as possible by not leaving it in use with level crossings, sidewalks etc. It keeps the Trail Blizzer ice scratchers in place, out of the way, between uses. This product is very easy to install on the snowmobile rail. Covered with a protective sheath, our eyelets offer unparalleled durability. This is a product made here, in Canada, from top quality materials to give you the best possible alternative in the market. It is important to specify that this set is sold in packs of 2 eyelets.