Fishlab Bio-Minnow Vertical Jig


Product Code: VM-75
  • These Bio-Minnow Vertical Jig are the first vertical jigging bait with a metal tail for increased durability and fine-tuning.  Making small bends to the tail, anglers can dial in a more aggressive side-to-side darting action or by slightly flattening the tail, a more up and down presentation when jigging around heavy cover. The metal tail not only produces attractive flashes but also remains durable and crack resistant when bouncing off rock reefs as fish are holding tight to cover. The metal tail comes standard to provide extra flash and resistance to break-offs when jigging off of rock piles and can be tuned in many ways. This bait features the facial and body details of an actual minnow.

    • Designed for both casting and vertical presentations.
    • Metal tail provides extra flash and resistance to break offs when jigging rock piles.
    • Facial and body details of an actual minnow.