Gaby The Brook Trout Medium


Product Code: GP-780071
  • Catch your GABY fish today! The Brook Trout is a vibrantly colored member of the Salmonids.

    It is indigenous to the north-eastern part of North America but was introduced to Europe and other parts of the world at the end of the 19th century.

    It prefers cold water streams and rivers and is a formidable predator, feeding on insects, leeches and small fish.

    The species is characterized by a brown or olive body with bright yellow or red spots on the sides and white fin contours.

    The Gaby Fish Pillows are the only choice when looking for highly detailed and high-quality decorative fish pillows.

  • Featuring our custom artist-made designs of popular saltwater and freshwater fish, all GABY pillows are handmade with attention being paid to each and every detail.

    They are made using the highest quality antiallergenic materials and are handsewn which allows them to have that realistic and uniquely life-like appearance.

    GABY Fish Pillows are the ideal for everyone who loves fish.

    -Length 35 cm or 62 cm - Hand-sewn in Poland- CE label for childrenĀ“s toys ages 3+- 100% Non-allergenic and recyclable materials (polyester fabric)- Washable