Kimpex Rocker Switch Rocker / SPDT


Product Code: 302405
  • Give the vehicle’s switches some style with Kimpex Two-Position Rocker Switches! Able to be installed in a snap onto any 12V circuits vehicles and rated at 20 amps at 12V – 10 amps at 10V, these extremely durable and lightweight switches are tough enough to take any abuse in style! These switches come in a common size for an easy fit or flush mount.

    • IP65 rating
    • Suits 12V circuit vehicule
    • Easy installation
    • Rated at 20 amps at 12V and 10 amps at 10V
    • Extremely durable while being light weight
    • Designed for recreational vehicles
    • Made in common a size for an easy fit or flush mount
    • Integrates directly with the universal wire harness

    Rocker Switch Types :
    Single Pole = Controls 1 circuit
    Double Pole = Controls 2 circuits
    Single Throw = 1 X "ON" position
    Double Throw = 2 X "ON" position

  • Function | (ON)/OFF/(ON)
    Number Of Terminals | 7
    Pin Quantity : 2
    Voltage | 12 V
    Amperes | 20 A