Lunkerhunt Bento Combo


Product Code: BENCOM01
  • Designed to perfection, this Lunkerhunt Bento is one of the most realistic baitfish imitators on the market. The Bento features a lively tapered split tail, or a paddle tail, holographic core, and biologically correct detailing. All of these elements are incorporated into a soft yet durable body construction that enables the Bento to come to life with the slightest movement.

    • 4.5-inch Bento Bait Sassy Shad - 3pcs
    • 3-inch Bento Bait Emerald Shiner - 3pcs
    • 4.5 swim Bento Ghost - 2pcs
    • 4.5 Swim Bento Dace - 2pcs
    • Walking DROP SHOT-1/4OZ - 2pcs
    • Walking DROP SHOT-1/8OZ - 2pcs
    • Drop Shot Hooks -2# - 4pcs
    • EWG HOOK - 1/4 OZ-4/0 - 2pcs
    • Darter Head Jigs-1/4 OZ-3/0 - 2pcs