Malades de Peche MDP Glow Formula


Product Code: FMDP
  • The MDP Formula is a biodegradable gel with natural fish odor and photoluminescent pigments. Give life and a glow effect to your synthetic lures with the MDP Formula!

  • Golden: Anise, Leech, Bait blood fish, Herring, Smelt, Garlic

    Salmonids: Shrimp, Anise, Leech, Bait blood fish, Smelt

    Groundfish: Herring, Bait blood fish, Squid, Smelt, Garlic

    Perch and Crappie: Shrimp, Garlic

    Pike: Herring, Bait blood fish, Smelt, Garlic

    Bass: Herring, Bait blood fish, Smelt, Garlic

    Striped Bass: Herring, Smelt, Bait blood fish, Garlic