Marine Metal B15 Power Bubbles


Product Code: 3190617
    • 12 V DCw, very low current +/- .46 amps
    • Twin bellows and double outlets produce aeration of 1 or 2 live wells up to 35 gallons
    • High volume twin bellows pumps 5.6 STL/min
    • Weighted glass bead airstones provide greater dissolved oxygen
    • Produces 99.5 % saturation of dissolved oxygen
    • Widely used for catch and release tournaments
    • Perfect for crowded livewells
    • Large adjustable stainless steel clip and screws for easy mounting
    • Most effective when used with water renewal systems
    • Easily wired to boat panel
    • Anti-siphon valves protect pump from water intrusion
    • Designed for fresh and saltwater
    • Excellent emergency aquarium pump up to 100 gallons
    • Package includes 12 volt air pump, with 6' 18 AGW power cord, copper battery clips, 10' airline tubing, 2 large weighted glass bead air stones, 2 anti-siphon valves, T adaptor, adjustable mounting clip and screws.
    • Every unit is tank tested to assure quality
  • WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.