Product Code: ECPS35
  • These Northland's Eye-Candy Series of soft plastics revolutionizes how anglers fish for walleyes with its new Super TPE material. Leading the family is the Eye-Candy Paddle Shad. At 3-1/2 inches the Paddle Shad features a boot tail that swims, wiggles, and kicks whether ripped aggressively or slowly dragged across the bottom. This shape paired with the lifelike action, floatation, and durability of Northland's Eye-Candy material makes it the closest thing you can get to live bait! Each package contains 5 Paddle Shads.

    • Boot tail kicks with the subtlest of movements
    • Eye-Candy Super TPE's formula is super soft and buoyant for maximum action
    • Super durable stretchy TPE material holds up fish after fish