Northland Pitchin’ Puppet


Product Code: PPM4-pitchin puppet
  • These New Pitchin’ Puppets from Northland® Fishing Tackle is the real deal for snap-jigging Walleyes. Designed to be cast and retrieved the Pitchin’ Puppet features no front hook, a wide gap rear hook, and a treble that sits on a split ring to keep it away from the body to prevent tangling. Constructed using a hybrid lead resin body this lure has translucent finishes that look like a real baitfish all while being super durable compared to its historic counterparts

  • • Over-molded Resin body & tail that’s extremely durable looks like a live minnow
    • Wide gap rear hook for better hooking percentages
    • Cast and retrieve or vertically jig to create a darting action like a dying minnow