NXS EvoluX Harness


Product Code: EXH-EvoluX
  • These EvoluX harnesses are the evolution of the best on the market. The NXS team, in collaboration with professional anglers, looked at what makes a harness as effective as it is efficient. That is, buoyancy, presentation, logical color sequence, vibration, spoon and hook size, versatility, hooking performance, attack resistance and more.

    The NXS team created the EvoluX harness to meet all of the angler’s needs while incorporating high-end components. Indeed, the hooks and the spoon are of great quality. The bobber stopper allows you to distance the hooks according to the length of your lure. In addition, the second bobber stopper allows you to distance the balls and the spoon to have a less aggressive presentation. A ball bearing swivel is built in to prevent the fluorocarbon from twisting. The new color pattern of the beads has a logical sequence to accentuate the 3D effect when spinning. A glow dot on the inside of the spoon makes it more attractive. Quality 15 lb fluorocarbon has been added for better resistance to attacks and is invisible in the water.

    • Model: EXH.
    • Fluorocarbon 12 lb.
    • Harness length: 60 in.
    • Spoon #4 Indiana.
    • Glow point inside the spoon.
    • High range clevis to allow a low speed rotation of the spoon at low speed.
    • Hooks #2 offset, 1 red and 1 black.
    • 2 Bobbers Stoppers 74 th Element.
    • Ball bearing swivel to prevent twisting.
    • 3 1/4 in floating microbeads in the center of 6 regular colored beads.
    • 6 balls of 4 mm.