Octane Furnace 4 Arrow Quiver | Breakup Country™


Product Code: 10078
  • The Furnace Quiver features a removable dual gripper that firmly secures fixed and mechanical broadheads of any size. The pre-cut foam is a perfect fit for fixed broadheads, but can be removed to accommodate mechanical broadheads. This quiver is capable of accepting multiple arrow diameters, this quiver also allows one-handed removal when you need to shed weight or store your bow. It is also multi-positional to enhance the balance of your bow.

    • Removable Dual Gripper - Firmly secure any arrow size, while allowing both fixed and mechanical broadheads
    • Pre-Cut Foam - Perfect for fixed broadheads or can be removed for mechanical broadheads
    • Carbon Rods - For maximum strength and rigidity, with minimal weight
    • Accepts multiple arrow diameters
    • Quick one-handed removal
    • Multi-positional to enhance balance