Octane Stryker 3-Pin Sight


Product Code: 10089
  • The Octane Stryker Bow Sight features ultra-bright pins for increased brightness and maximum visibility; These pins are easier to see, especially in low light, so they allow archers to hit the target faster while aiming. This 3-pin archery sight has a 10% larger field of view than 1 3/4" housings, which improves hunting opportunities and increases the probability that the archer will see an approaching animal. The Stryker 3-Pin Bow Sight incorporates a Hi-vis level which allows you to ensure constant accuracy from shot to shot; You can choose this Octane archery accessory and be sure your hunting will be successful.

    • Ultra-bright pins
    • 10% larger field of view than 1 3/4" housings
    • Hi-vis level for consistent accuracy shot-to-shot
    • Clear, bold windage and elevation markers for easy adjustment
    • Easily accepts one-piece quiver installation
    • Mounting hole to accept most aftermarket lights