Offshore Inline Planer Board OR12


Product Code: 0274-002
  • Hi floating and hi visibiltiy makes the Offshore Planer Board a favourite of trollers everywhere.  This Original OR12L Side Planer measures approximately 9 ½" in length and is carefully ballasted to run flawlessly in rough water off of your rod line. This item does NOT come with the Tattle Flag™ Upgrade on it. You would have to purchase the OR12TF or OR12TFEK to convert the board a Tattle Flag™ board. Ideal for Walleye and most fresh water fish.
  • Each Yellow OR12 Side Planer includes

    • Stationary Red Flag
    • OR19 (Orange) Release
    • OR16 (Red) Clip
    • 6/32 Screw
    • Nylon Nut
    • Split Ring
    • Instructions