Outdoor Edge Edge-X 2 Stage Knife Sharpener


Product Code: 2813-0096
  • The perfect, pocket-sized sharpener for shaping and maintaining a razor-sharp edge on all your outdoor and kitchen knives. The pivoting X-base folds out to improve safety and stability during sharpening for a more precise edge. Set at a universal 22 degree angle, the coarse tungsten carbide bits reshape a dull blade quickly, while the fine ceramic rods finish the blade to a razor’s edge. The rubberized TPR finger hold ensures a non-slip grip and four 3M® rubber foot pads secure the X-base to most any flat surface. After use, the Sharp-X folds down flat for storage.

  • Coarse Bits  |  Tungsten carbide
    Fine Rods  |  White Alumina-Ceramic
    Base  |  Zytel (glass-nylon)
    Grip  |  Rubberized Orange TPR
    Dimensions  |  1.6x3.9x0.7 in / 4.0x10.0x1.8 cm
    Weight  |  1.2 oz / 34 g