Product Code: SRE75GD
  • These Shad Rap® Elite are built around the features of the popular and proven original Shad Rap®. The Elite structure consists of premium balsa wood, a profile shape of a natural shad baitfish, and the swimming action of a wounded minnow. Equally effective cast or trolled, performing from ultra-slow presentations to super fast without fail. Slightly heavier for their size which means longer casts. Forged, flattened, one piece through wire construction improves durability. Premium high-def patterns with metallic gilded face, bringing the look to a totally new level.

    • Premium Balsa Wood.
    • Through Wire Construction.
    • Natural Baitfish Profile.
    • Classic Rapala® “Wounded- Minnow” Ultra Slow-Super Fast.
    • Multi-Species Freshwater.
    • VMC® Inline Hybrid Treble 2X Hooks Heavy-Duty Split Rings.