Ripcord Code Red X | Left Hand Arrow Rest


Product Code: RCCRX-L
  • Rock solid dependability and accuracy to never let you down when the trophy of a lifetime is on the line. The launcher locks in the up position and cradles your arrow on three sides, while the containment arm eliminates your arrow from escaping from the top. Lightweight aluminum construction for a lifetime of use and abuse.

    • OVER-MOLDED LAUNCHER:  Soft rubber over-molding eliminates need for excess moleskin
    • LIGHTNING-FAST FALL-AWAY:  Ensures maximum forgiveness
    • DAMPENING:  Internal dampening system minimizes noise
    • DROP DEAD BRAKE SYSTEM:  Ensures maximum forgiveness
    • OFFSET CORD:  Cord won't interfere with arrow travel
    • ARROW CONTAINMENT SYSTEM:  Stops the arrow from falling off the rest. Launcher locks in the up position and cradles the arrow on all sides.
    • HD MOUNTING BRACKET:  The sleek Ripcord HD mounting bracket eliminates unwanted weight while providing rock-solid mounting