Product Code: B-200
  • The revolutionary system of self-retracting wheels that will transform your snowmobile experience this winter when traveling on non-snowy surfaces. These sets includes 2 Rollerski (1 right and 1 left) and required hardware.

    • Safe handling: Enjoy safe riding on non-snowy surfaces such as gas stations, garages, trailers, parking lots, etc.
    • Reduce wear: Preserve your carbide runners and skis with the Rollerski.
    • Simple activation: To activate the Rollerski, you simply push down and towards the rear of the vehicle with your foot.
    • Auto-retracting: The Rollerski wheels automatically deactivate upon contact with the snow.
    • Simple installation: Designed for each specific ski, the Rollerski is simple to install, and no specialized tools are required.


    • Does not mark surfaces
    • Activates easily
    • Offers safe handling of the snowmobile on non-snowy surfaces (garage, trailer, gas station, parking lot, etc.
    • Automatically retracts on contact with snow
    • The weight of the snowmobile is centralized on the rollerski, which avoids overloading and deformation of the skis and carbide runners
    • Durable product with the possibility of replacing all components (repairable)
    • Significantly reduces wear on runners and skis
    • Simple installation without specialized tools
    • Resists frost
    • No welding
    • Attached via the axle
    • High quality multi-purpose product
    • Equipped with components that are corrosion resistant
    • This product has a limited warranty.