SPYPOINT Force-Pro-S 2.0 The Solar Solution


Product Code: 01858
  • This SPYPOINT FORCE-PRO-S 2.0 features a solar panel charging an internal lithium battery that keeps this camera powered for months on end. With its ability to capture crystal clear 4k videos, the FORCE-PRO-S 2.0 allows you to download and view action from the woods in unparalleled detail.

  • With the solar panel always working to convert the power of the sun into reserved battery life for this camera, you will make fewer trips into the woods to service batteries and save the cost of replacing them. For peace of mind, you can install eight AA batteries to take over if the onboard battery gets depleted due to insufficient sunlight.

    The FORCE-PRO-S 2.0 records up to 4k video with sound, perfect for seeing even the smallest details in every video. It is equipped with a full-color LCD photo and video viewing screen that not only enables easy set-up and adjustment of settings, but it also allows you to review and manage captured content directly from your camera. The FORCE-PRO-S 2.0 offers four capture modes; Photo, Video, Time-Lapse and Time-Lapse+. The Time-Lapse mode takes photos at your preferred interval. The Time-Lapse+ function takes photos at your preferred interval and when the camera’s detection sensor is triggered, perfect for monitoring large areas beyond the camera’s detection range.

    This camera offers the longest detection range of any SPYPOINT camera and our fastest trigger speed at less than a quarter of a second, meaning it misses fewer targets than cameras with a shorter detection range and trigger speed closer to a full second. To catch even more detail, the FORCE-PRO-S 2.0 offers the multi-shot function which takes up to six photos per detection. 54 LED lights provide 90’ of illumination and infrared boost technology allows you to maximize lighting when it counts, so you get high-quality photo or video no matter what time of day (or night) it is captured.