Sure Life Worm Glo


Product Code: LL101B
    The WORM-GLO is a unique dual formulation that combines essential nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein, which are necessary to keep worms healthy in captivity along with a non-toxic biological stain. Because the stain in WORM-GLO is combined with the food that we have discovered worms crave, the stain enters the worms body through ingestion. You will notice that within a period of 2-5 days, your worms will have turned the desired GLOWING CHARTREUSE GREEN.

    The WORM-GLO is very easy and safe to use. As a matter of fact, the stain that is in WORM-GLO is also used in humans to detect diseases. WORM-GLO washes off your hands and skin with soap and water. The process in so easy that a child under adult supervision can sprinkle the desired amount of WORM-GLO directly to a container of worms, close the lid, store the worms at the recommended temperatures and open the lid in 2-5 days to discover their worms are glowing!

    The WORM-GLO really shows itself off when you view the stained worms outside, in water or under a black light. The increased activity and high visibility of WORM-GLO worms are irresistible to predatory fish. You will notice that your worms will live longer with WORM-GLO than if you were not using WORM-GLO.

  • Directions for Use:
    Evenly sprinkle one teaspoon of WORM-GLO to a carton, containing 12-24 live worms. Worms need to be stored at reccommended temperatures. Worms will change color between 24-48 hours after application, depending on genus or type of worms. Maximum color change occurs between 1-4 days.