TightSpot 5-Arrow Quiver | Right Hand


Product Code: TSQ5-R
  • For the first time, a bow-mounted quiver will help, not hinder a bows performance. The TightSpot™ 5-arrow quiver adjusts to the right spot to give you overall system balance and to fight accuracy-affecting torque. With the TightSpot™ 5 Arrow Quiver, you'll shoot better with your quiver on than you ever did with your quiver off!

    • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION:  Aluminum and woven carbon fiber for weight reduction and maximum durability.
    • LARGE VENTED HOOD DESIGN:  Engineered specifically to accommodate today’s larger and longer fixed blade and expandable broadheads.
    • BETTER BOW BALLANCE:  The TightSpot quiver with the exclusive 3-way adjustment provides fine-tuning of the bow balance using the quiver. Adjust up, down, forward, back, in, and out. The result is a -precisely balanced bow that increases accuracy.
    • VIRTUALLY NO TORQUE:  TightSpot is the world’s first low-torque quiver. It fits tight to the bow and is exceptionally lightweight. This significantly reduces torque on the shot.
    • KILLS VIBRATION:  The 5-Arrow quiver attacks vibration from every angle. Unlike other quivers, TightSpot reduces vibration as opposed to creating vibration like the competing quivers.
    • HOLDS ARROWS TIGHT:  The patented Bulldog Gripper system, with Arrow Wedges, provides individually adjustable arrow tension. Adjustable to fit nearly every arrow diameter.
    • QUICK DETACH:  Allows the user to remove the quiver from the bow quickly and quietly.
    • WEIGHT:  9.9 oz.