YUM Ned Rig Kit


Product Code: 0137-13
  • This Ned rig has swept across the country as a popular way to downsize and get bites when the fishing is tough! However, it can be difficult to find all the necessary components for the rig in one place, so YUM answered this problem! The YUM Ned kit contains everything needed to fish a Ned rig. Contains 1/8 and 1/12 oz. mushroom jig head, and a selection of YUM Ned Craws, Ned Minnows, and Ned Dingers.

  • • Contains one 1/8 oz. jig and one 1/12 oz. jig.
    • Contains YUM Ned Dingers, Ned Minnows, and Ned Craws.
    • Perfect for ponds, rivers, creeks, or anywhere bass live!