Z-Man – Power Finesse ShroomZ™ Weedless


Product Code: 3070-1033
  • Combine this 3/0 medium wire mushroom-shaped jighead with the Big TRD™—or another similarly sized ElaZtech® softbait—to create the perfect upsized Ned Rig that comes through cover cleanly, thanks to its adjustable, V-shaped multistrand wire weedguard!

  • Equipped with the same signature mushroom-shaped head, welded wire keeper, and sticky sharp medium wire 3/0 needlepoint hook found on its non-weedless counterpart, the Power Finesse ShroomZ™ Weedless' dual multi-strand wire weedguard makes true snag-free fishing a reality. Its exposed hook point design enables improved hook-up ratios, making it an excellent substitute for a shaky-style jighead for ElaZtech® baits and traditional soft plastics alike. These jigheads are perfectly sized to pair with the Big TRD™, but also match up well with a variety of other Z-Man plastics like the FattyZ™, Boar HogZ™, and SMH WormZ™ when conditions call for other worm or creature profiles.