Zippo Fire Starter Combo Kit


Product Code: 2607-0079
  • Whether you keep one with your camping gear or need it in a pinch, this Fire Starter Combo Kit has the essentials for any scenario. The Mag Strike ferrocerium rod and striker delivers a shower of sparks onto the quick-lighting and water-resistant tinder shreds (five included) for a strong for a hassle-free flame. Get your fire roaring with the collapsible manual bellows, which allows you to add just the right amount of air exactly where you need it. Comes packaged in a convenient, giftable carton.

  • Mag Strike

    • 420 stainless steel blade with precision edge for maximum spark shower
    • Snap-lock closure and shielded internal chamber protects striker from the elements
    • Ergonomic design and textured grip for use in cold weather or with gloves on
    • Corrosion-resistant 5/16" dia. magnesium ferrocerium rod for increased control and accuracy

    Tinder Shreds

    • Five natural pine tinder bundles coated with paraffin wax for water resistance and up to eight-minute burn time
    • 0.3oz./8.5g size is lightweight and easy to pack and carry
    • Quickly ignites with spark or flame to get a fire started in seconds


    • Long-lasting and durable stainless-steel construction
    • Collapses and stores in a compact tube with lanyard hole for convenient transport


    • Hard blade with precision-cut edge delivers maximum spark shower
    • Protects striker blade and magnesium rod from the elements
    • Extended rod length provides controlled striking & spark accuracy
    • Lights quick & easily to get a fire started in seconds
    • Provides water resistance & increased burn time


    Height: 6.00″
    Width: 6.63″
    Depth: 1.50″
    Weight: 0.50 lbs
    Warranty: 2 year on Mag Strike