Adventure 6″ (Cobra Carbide Runners)


Product Code: B08-2
  • Progressive design, made with 75% carbide with 2” at 90 degrees and 6” at 60 degrees,

    • Eliminate 95% of darting on snowmobiles on snow-covered surface
    • Do not affect fuel consumption
    • Do not affect speed
    • Reduce premature wear of the steering mechanism
    • Promises the best of control and increased surface adherence on the trails
    • Protect the front of the ski keel
    • Perfect for sports riding or trail riding enthusiasts
    • Eliminates 80% of snowmobile darting on snowy surfaces
    • Does not affect fuel consumption
    • Does not affect speed
    • Reduces premature wear of steering components
    • Provides better control and increased grip on the trails
    • Protects the front of the ski keel
    • Plated runners for superior corrosion resistance
    • Made from superior materials
    • Design: Cobra Head
    • Wear bar shape: square
    • Wear bar height: ½’’

    Carbide angle: 60 degrees