Traveler 6″ (Carbide Runners)


Product Code: B08-210-06
  • Traveler carbide runner

    These Traveler carbide runner are ideal for getting started with carbides, they replace the original runner on your snowmobile. These Traveler runner are a replacement of the original (OEM) runner and is ideal for snowmobilers who appreciate comfortable rides. This runner behaves very well in turns and facilitates the riding by optimizing comfort, especially felt at the level of the arms and shoulders. In summary, the traveler runner is ideal for getting started with carbides and will allow you to go on long trail rides without feeling the slightest discomfort.


    The best runner value for money

    The best runner value for money is the Traveler. This product is by far THE best snowmobile runner in terms of quality-price. With its pre-carbides up-front that protect the main carbides, you are sure to have a carbide runner with excellent with excellent durability.  It is manufactured from high-quality materials that resist wear, rust and help reduce ski wear.  An exceptional product at an exceptional price!


    The set includes 2 runners and required hardware.

    • Superior quality runner ideal for learning about carbides.
    • Upgraded replacement for your snowmobile’s stock runners
    • The carbides offer superior wear-resistance
    • Includes pre-carbides that protect the main carbieds as well as facilitate transition surfaces
    • High-quality plating for wear and rust resistance
    • Bar shape: round
    • Bar height: 7/16’’
    • Carbide angle: 90 & 60 degrees