Trek 6”


Product Code: B08-250-0
  • These TREK carbides are ideal for touring as they reduce arm fatigue and eliminate most of the darting, while maintaining good maneuverability in curves. This 6-inch long carbide runner is aggressive in turns due to its deep and narrow profile. The TREK is also designed to eliminate darting with its double wear bar set-up. Due to its wider configuration and a full-length combined with a partial-length runner, the TREK allows better snow evacuation and eliminates the infamous snow packing when in conditions of sticky snow. It is a very precise product in turns and provides a significant elimination of darting. The TREK rail is an amazing product that we are very proud to present to you! As with all our Qualipieces carbide runners, it is plated to resist corrosion and its carbide is of superior quality. The TREK carbide runner is of unequaled durability and performance.

    ***COMPATIBILITY NOTE: The TREK is NOT compatible on the ski-doo Pilot 7.4 skis when ski liners are also installed.
    The set includes 2 runners and required hardware.

    • New generation carbide runners
    • Significantly reduces darting
    • Excellent grip in soft snow
    • Evacuates snow
    • Made from superior materials
    • Plated runners for superior corrosion resistance
    • Design: partial double bar and carbides
    • Wear bar shape: square
    • Wear bar height: 1/5 inch
    • Carbide angle: 60°
    • Carbide lengths: 6 inches